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I am independent crop consultant with a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology and have specialized in plant health and soil health. I have 35 years of experience and have created my own comparative analysis of the tissue test results. There are 40 nutrient ratios to consider. With the new, more accurate soil testing procedures (the ICP-AES), a more proactive approach is taken for macro- and micro-nutritent soil fertility recommendations. The tissue test is used as a feed-back tool to diagnose uptake problems (e.g. nematode damage), evaluate the nutrient balancing, and quantify sustainability. I promote using mycorrhizal fungal spores and kelp meal. By harnassing the power of the microbes, farmers are able to stop using some fertilizers, reduce others, and improve their profits. Each plant group has its own set of nutrient requirements.  Corn is different than soybeans, different than grapes, different from pumpkins, etc. The recommendations are tailored to the crop and to the field.  With the precision that is available, it is easy to increase profits.  For cash grain farmers, there are 50 to 100 more dollars per acre waiting for you.  For vineyards and vegetable growers, the profits are much higher. Think quantity and quality.  
The first year is a year of discovery.  The second year is a year of adjustments and fine-tuning.  By the third year we are cruizing and reevaluatig the potentials.
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